Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Illustration IV final

Been busy with school lately so it feels like forever since i've posted. Here are some preliminary sketches for my independant final. I'm doing some personal/gallery art/fine art based on the theme "flowers".

I was a wee bit proud of these until it was mentioned they are reminiscent of who else, James Jean. i thought the relations to his/my artwork was over, i guess i'm not out of the water yet. The kicker though is that i stopped looking at his work months ago in hopes that maybe i was just subconsciously picking out his style and creating a hybrid with his and my own inner creativity. What do you guys think? I'd sure like to try to change myself by graduation so i can actually get a job with an "original" style of art. I'd hate to be one of "those" artists who comes off as mimicking someone with an already successful method of drawing. sigh.


N said...

I am a collector of James Jean's art and a HUGE fan. Yes, your work does reference James' art but I don't think you are trying to bite his style, I think you are working at developing your own. Perhaps its the subject matter of your art and not the technique that is playing it too close to Mr. Jean's, eg, don't draw women sitting in flowers. I look forward to seeing you work through this.

Aaron M Berger said...

reminds me of jaw cooper as well. but also this is a great direction i think for your work. Like to see these ideas fleshed out.

Emilee said...

I agree that it's more about subject matter and less about style. And honestly, there's nothing you can really do about the subject matter if you enjoy it! That's why you like his work, and people who like his work will like your work and also anyone else who likes ladies with flowers ha ha.

It's not a bad thing to be compared to someone, it's not like you're copying him. I would suggest not to be angered by it, but to be empowered by it! James Jean is a fantastic artist, so if anything it's a compliment even though it's annoying xD

For example, I have tried harder than anyone in the universe to destroy any anime influence in my artwork. I was pretty sure I had done it, but even at my show people were complimenting me on my unique manga style...I guess it's just something we have to take in stride lol

TL;DR: Your stuff is yours. It's awesome. KEEP WORKING! <3

Rin said...

thanks emilee ;-; in a fashion i suppose its a compliment...but i feel at the same time people are accusing me of something, even if that wasn't their intention. i DO love this subject matter, and it just "comes" to me like a piece "comes" to anyone else, which is why its frustrating when and idea i had thought was my own already "belongs" to someone. I just dont want to graduate and be the girl who draws like james jean. i wanna make my own mark on society, not creep in someones shadow :/ Personally i think its rubbish that artists can "claim" rights to subject matter, intentionally or not. We should all be free to draw what we want and have it viewed as an individual piece, without regard to those who have illustrated/painted/sketched it before us.

im sorry about the anime thing. honestly i never thought to compare your art to anime or manga in any form, so if its any consolation i think your stuff is your own c:

Manuel Dupong said...

James jean is also a big inspiration for me. To be honest, it's after seeing his work that I decided to stop university and go to an art school. Lately I've being trying to find my own style and I think that I'm slowly achieving that, and I agree with N, we have to be careful with the subject matter.
But nevertheless, I believe you're an amazing artist and I'm truly envious of your work.


Kyle. said...

haters gonna hate.
draw whatever you want however you want.

I think they look awesome, and I when I say awesome I mean FUCKING RAD.