Monday, September 20, 2010

Almost done with my ink painting, based off the childrens fable called "the magic paintbrush". several things i wish to improve, including the background and the child, we'll see if i have time...

Here's a closeup of the cows

Friday, September 17, 2010

New images for this week:

Two character designs for Childrens illustration class.

The alligator is done digitally. I may tweak his clothing a bit, it doesnt quite scream fisherman to me just yet. The old woman was done in ink, watercolour, and gouache. I havent painted in a looonnng time so that was a huge challange for me, i think she came out decently enough though.

Until next time!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Tonight will broadcast a quick life update while my ink dries!

Really rad update numero uno:

I HAVE A SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH. i dont have a name for him yet, but things like percy, socrates, apollo, pthalo, and napoleon keep finding their way into my head. he absolutely hates the camera, and loves eating apart the very expensive moss ball i bought for him. he also enjoys long walks on the beach and prefers not to have children.

Update two:
Reason why my ink is drying:
New picture yaaay. look its ink! i adore ink, but it scares the living daylights out of my when i use it. im not sure, but i think i might actually have a problem. ill let you guys know.

update number three:
Okay this really isnt an update, more like proving to you ink haters out there how cool ink looks when you watch it drop down to the bottom of your paint cup. this makes me with i had a fishtank and better lighting. i'd do it all day.

okay i think my ink is dry by now, so i'm going to leave you with this post and a lovely cliffhan-

Friday, September 10, 2010

sound the alarms, im actually updating.

This summer has been very busy for me, i moved to a new home, went to japan, played hostess, traveled to france, recovered from illness, and managed to polish off some small commissions before i made my way back to school. Speaking of school, i've got enough homework to make J.C Leyendecker cry. its hard work, but i'm hoping something of value with come of it, otherwise i fear i will be overworking myself for no reason.

with that said, here are some small upcoming art shots of essentially no value

Concept of an old woman for childrens illustration class. Forcing myself to paint more and more...ill upload a full version later on, maybe.

a WIP of a really simple/unoriginal concept for my digital illustration class. i plan to revisit it more on the computer. Its essentially a very smokey deer. the assignment was the theme "on fire", and he is definitely on fire.