Wednesday, March 31, 2010

no art, just life

[BIG EDIT] editing this post because i feel it no longer needs to be shared with the world. i am not deleting it however because of the time my friends spent to comment; it seems cruel to delete the words that they wrote from the heart <3 with that said, ignore this post! =)


Mike Vance said...

arent any dead ends. we all envy your talent, just keep swimming bud. (if i may say so.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my dearest Rin,

We all feel like this from time to time; it's part of life. It sucks, and I'm so sad it should be part of your life, because I can think of no-one who deserves good things more than you do -- you wonderful, talented person.

It won't feel like it right now, and not tomorrow either, but trust me, things will improve. No matter what you think or believe, you have friends. I know I am too far away to be called one, but do you believe I would have continued to consider you a friend if I had grown bored with you? How could anyone tire of you? You're so wonderful and talented!

I remember, back before we got to know each other, when I thoroughly adored you. I still do; even more so now, when I know what a kind and lovely young woman you are.

Youth sucks. It truly, and fully does. I know this all too well myself. But things will improve. The years will grow kinder to you and you will earn the recognition you so well deserve.

I am deeply sorry about your grandfather. I know it must hurt something terribly, but remember all the good things. It does help, trust me on this. Further, I am convinced he could not be any more proud of you than he already is; granddaughters as lovely as you must be hard to come by!

And regarding the money... I have cost my parents so much over the past year it makes me sad just thinking about it, and how I'm so poor I can't possibly ever pay it back unless I stumble upon a pot of gold some day on my way home from class. Still, despite this, they love me, saying that the money was an investment in my future. They don't worry about getting it back; hey know I'll fix it when my life turns around. I am certain your mothers thinks like that to; a child is priceless -- all investments are well worth it.

Things will improve. Trust me. Doubt is part of life and youth. It sucks, but it also helps us appreciate old age, allowing us to say: "Thank God for the years, being young sucked."

Now, smile. You deserve it, for you have and will always be a source of inspiration for me. <3

Emilee said...

If there's one thing that you should never worry about is not succeeding Corinne. You are extremely creative and talented, and there is no way that you won't make it. You understand so much about art that it's obviously what you're meant to do, so I hope you'll stop thinking that you're going to fail. If you keep thinking you'll fail then you just might, so stop! You need to think positively, no matter what someone says in a critique or if you lose something, or whatever. That stuff doesn't matter. What matters is your attitude, and I know you can be positive if you try!

I'm really sorry about your grandfather. My grandmother and grandfather both had strokes, and it's really hard. But I promise you that he loves you and he knows that you love him. There's no way that your grandfather thinks ill of you, and I promise that he is proud of you. Think of all the good times you did share, and I know you'll realize how much you mean to him.

And also, I'm sure your Mother won't be angry with you. We all borrow tons of money from our parents, and they expect us to do that. If you explain to her about the possibility of not making as much as you thought you would I'm sure she'll understand.

I know you've been through a lot this week, but please try and have fun at AB! I know you're going to sell out of everything you have, and people are going to love you. You DO have a personality ( duh! what a silly thing to say about yourself >:c ), and I would hope that we'd stay friends for a long time. I'd never want you to disappear from my friends, and I'll always want to talk to you!

Speaking of which, please come over if you want to talk. We all love you over at Watch Hill, and we'd be happy to try and cheer you up with actual mouth words.


Erin Miller said...

I'm sure it doesn't mean much to you since it's not related to your family, but when my grandfather passed away two winters ago I was in the same place. And because of my family situation I still fall back here more times then I'd like to. I know how you feel

There is no way you are going to fail at art. You have more work ethic then most people do in this school and you have to admit that. And skill to boot. Those two things I believe are guaranteed to give you paths to go down in the working art world.