Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Annnnd finished

And now i can sleep.

New semester, new works

so i really havent drawn too much over the last few months, mostly i've been working on a certain comission that has sucked out my will to draw. I wont show it here because, for the time and effort i put into it, the quality is on the rocks.

I've taken a break with that though and started working on my SOI entry for the upcoming student scholarship competition. Im submitting mostly schoolwork, but i wanted to make at least one picture not related to school.

Here's a WIP of what im working on. i think i shall title it "thanksgiving"

Its one of those pieces where i figure out what to add as im moving along, basing it on whatever strange mental high i was on when i scribbled it with pencil in the beginning.

new works to come soon im sure. Art school doesnt allow for laziness!