Friday, September 10, 2010

sound the alarms, im actually updating.

This summer has been very busy for me, i moved to a new home, went to japan, played hostess, traveled to france, recovered from illness, and managed to polish off some small commissions before i made my way back to school. Speaking of school, i've got enough homework to make J.C Leyendecker cry. its hard work, but i'm hoping something of value with come of it, otherwise i fear i will be overworking myself for no reason.

with that said, here are some small upcoming art shots of essentially no value

Concept of an old woman for childrens illustration class. Forcing myself to paint more and more...ill upload a full version later on, maybe.

a WIP of a really simple/unoriginal concept for my digital illustration class. i plan to revisit it more on the computer. Its essentially a very smokey deer. the assignment was the theme "on fire", and he is definitely on fire.


Kevin said...

oh my goodness was the JC quip a survey reference?!?!?! haha good stuff.


Ewelina said...

The old lady looks great! You gotta show us a full scan :)