Friday, March 12, 2010

RAWRGLEFLARGLGARGL what this tiger would say if he was real.

the same tiger but more in my usual drawing style. i like it alot better this way. Still havent decided what hes chasing, something that is obviously shocked to be chased by a flying feline.

now off to finish more AB arts.


Mike Vance said...

make it chasing kevin!

JRPomazon said...

Perhaps some sort of bird, it could play off the whole "Cat chases Canary" theme.

Kyle. said...

i friggin' LOVE this.

Rin said...

-hahaha! ill make an alternate version with kevin in it!

-And yes i was trying to think of birds that also cant fly, maybe a chicken, or a dodo. dodos are pretty absurd haha

-THANK YOU KYLE!!! im flattered!