Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some concept drawings for illustration. For the assignment we picked 4 words out of the dictionary. Mine were: Snipe, Sneak, snake, and snapper.


Anonymous said...

Such amazing illustrations. >w< I really like the top one because the black is so rich and the little character is too cute signing, but I just adore the bottom one. *w* It looks like a scene from a fairytale, where the snake of darkness is approaching the long-legged (vocabulary, Josephine!) bird which is the main character. But it will get away, because darkness never reigns in the end. >w<

I love your blog this far! <3


Anonymous said...

I am too tired today. ;3; The snake picture is the top one. @w@;;; And the character of the bottom picture is not signing. It is singing.

Anyhow, the pictures are so love. >w<

Erin Miller said...

OGM you post things~ I have one of these and have only posted one thing lolz x3

I love all the textures you got out of the pen~

Eilonwy said...

OH... MY... GOODNESS... That last picture is perhaps the cutest and most hardcore thing I have seen all day. Good job.